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The HMS Hermes Association was founded in 1987 by Mr Ted Nelson Girtchen who served as a stoker on Hermes 9 alongside his eldest son Mr Edward Girtchen (Ted) Ex RN.

The Association proved popular with the Hermes 9 survivors and expanded further in 1989 when Hermes 10 crew were invited to join.  The Association meets up every year on or near the anniversary of the sinking of Hermes 9 by the Japanese bombers.

Another get together and to pay respects is the HMS Hermes contingent who march at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday every year.

Further information can be gathered by visiting the association website

Should you wish to become a member (fee is £12 per annum) please fill in the following application form and forward a cheque made payable to:

The Hermes Association,

13 Newtown Road
East Sussex