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The Falklands Veterans Foundation incorporating Liberty Lodge was founded in November 2002.  The charity successfully raised funds to build a residence based in Stanley, Falkland Islands as a place for Falklands War veterans to stay when returning to the Islands.

Liberty Lodge is now firmly established in Stanley and has been a temporary home for Veterans of the Falklands War of 1982 and their families, NoK of those killed in action and present day service personnel who are serving in the South Atlantic.

Veterans are not charged a fee for their stay in the accommodation however in order for the Lodge to remain operational it must continue to find funds to cater for the ongoing costs and to provide the excellent facilities it has for the veterans to enjoy their stay.  Many of the veterans who have stayed their have found it a life changing experience, using it as a base to tour the islands, a gathering place to meet friends, comrades and islanders, and of course a refuge to gather their thoughts and memories.  Those who stay normally leave a donation to assist in the running costs.

There are 4 rooms available in the Lodge for serviceman to stay with a large kitchen/dining area and a superb lounge that has a fantastic view of the Falklands Sound.

If you are considering returning to the Falkland Islands you will need to have an address to stay before you book flights, and the lodge is normally booked well in advance so book early.

Information on the Foundation, its history, the Lodge and how to book it and flights are all available for viewing at http://www.falklandsveterans.org.uk

If you would like to donate to support the ongoing lodge expenses either as a one off donation or on a monthly basis it can be done by post using this form or online at https://falklandsveterans.charitycheckout.co.uk/