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Kevin and Karon Roberts, members of the HMS Hermes Association are running and cycling the UK’s only metric marathon in aid of the veterans of the armed forces in Chester on the 6th Oct 2019. The route is on closed roads and they will run/cycle past all Chester’s iconic landmarks (Roman Walls, Cathedral, Medieval Rows,  Eastgate Clock, Amphitheatre) before heading out to the stunning Cheshire countryside and villages. Joining the marathon runners after 8.5 miles they return to Chester alongside the River Dee for an unforgettable finish at the Racecourse.

A distance of 26.2 kilometres (16.3 miles) from start to finish it is going to be a challenge for both of these great people who are in the initial stages of training for it (though no-one has yet told Kev that facial hair puts minutes on your time and leg hair, hours – get the wax out). Drinks stations will be at every 2.5 to 3 miles, with nutrition also available on the route. If you can make it to support them on the day there will be bands, music and entertainment along the way to entertain the crowds and runners.

Kevin and Karon are looking for sponsors to support their cause which is to help veterans through the HMS Hermes Association. If you can help in any way please visit their justgiving page to donate. Kev, those shorts man….., and Karon you should fly by the ladies fastest time of 1:44:14